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5 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Your Drive

Whether it’s a weekend road trip, a journey across country or just a trip to the store, having some of these latest apps make you a more efficient driver, help you scope out the best gas prices and parking spots, or prep you for your next run-in with the mechanic. (And, for your sake and the sake of those around you, remember to be a safe driver, not a distracted driver—never use these apps while driving.)

Waze app logo

This app is a favorite among commuters. Waze uses crowd-sourcing to keep its traffic-data accurate and up-to-date. Users can report crashes, traffic delays and other issues using the app, and it helps navigate your route around congestion. Plus, it includes real-time gas price updates and local business information.

Smog Spotter logo
Smog Spotter

Speaking of repairs, we’ve all experienced “that” driver. You know, the one in front of you whose vehicle is belching that dark cloud of smoke from its exhaust pipe. It’s stinky, unsightly and bad for our air. It this sounds all too familiar, now you can help stop the smog.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles wants your help to be a “Smog Spotter.” While not an app, when you see a vehicle emitting too much pollution you can report it to 844-END-SMOG or online at Make a report and make a difference in improving air quality.

Motor vehicles are the primary source of air pollution in Nevada. The deadly mix of chemicals that our vehicles emit into the air pose a real threat to the health of all Nevadans. But with Smog Spotter we can all help reduce emissions to better enjoy our surroundings.

GasBuddy app logo

Another crowd-sourcing app that has consumers hooked. GasBuddy helps users locate the cheapest gas in their area and encourages them to upload gas prices as they fill up. The user-friendly app allows you to refine your search by city, zip code, or a map, and it also includes a trip cost calculator.

Honk app logo

The app that will save you time and money. No more wandering around searching for your parked car and no more parking tickets! After you park, enter your location information with a photo and handwritten memo, and on your return Honk will guide you step-by-step back to your car. When you park, swipe your finger across the meter graphic to indicate how long you plan to park. On your home screen the app icon will display the remaining minutes and when the time is up it will honk to alert you.

Which brings us to the final app recommendation, Around Me.

Around Me app logo
Around Me

Whether you’re looking to uncover new spots in your area or explore somewhere new, Around Me is your compass. The app will point you in the right direction to find the nearest gas station, bank, bar, movie theater, hotel, hospital, restaurant and supermarket, plus much more.

With new apps downloaded and the Smog Spotter URL,, bookmarked in your smartphone you’re ready to cruise! As you’re driving the highways and byways be a Smog Spotter. Every report you make will improve the quality of our air and help ensure that you and all Nevadans can enjoy the ride.